Poyozo Doll


 Choose a 10 point game at "Norstein Bekkler's Tent of Horrors" in Lene Square.

★★★★★(Listen to the theme music at any time.)

Location of poyozo doll

Name Location Song Title
Crono 1000 A.D. Crono's House "Chrono Trigger"
Marle 1000 A.D. Guardia Castle "Far Off Promise"
Lukka 1000 A.D. Lukka's House "Fanfare 1"
Robo 2300 A.D. Proto Dome "Robo's Theme"
Frog 600 A.D. Cursed Woods "Frog's Theme"
Ayla 6500000 B.C. Ioka Village "Ayla's Theme"
Magus 12000 B.C. North Cape "Battle with Magus"