The New King

12000 B.C. The Black Bard

 Marle is caught by Dalton. Now that the Kingdom of Zeal has gone and Lavos has slept for 14000 years, Dalton is ready to do. First of all, when Marle enters the duct, let's restore the belongings that Dalton deprived of. Then Marle can see that Dalton robbed "Epoch" and remodeling.

Basher, Byte, Turret
Golem Boss (Golem Overlord), Dalton Plus (King Dalton)

Can not change history?

 Marle succeeds in shooting down the black swan with the Blackbard. The ancients lost all the legacy of the Kingdom of Zeal, but people can live in peace. Human beings have to redo history from the beginning, but we can begin to advance towards the future. And the reason why the Kingdom of Zeal did not remain in history is now clear. Eventually, Marle could not change history, but the result is consistent with the history Marle knows.

 Remember when Crono fought against Lavos. Schala, The Three Gurus, Crono, and Magus fought to stop Lavos unexpectedly. And it failed. The actions of everyone did not match. Still, They could change some future. And the past seems to have been changed a little. Belthasar rescued from Mountain of Woe and Janus who came to Algetty with Schala were swallowed by the suddenly appearing gate. We can not change the big result, but the small result has changed little by little.

Joined forces

 So, if anyone collaborates, can we change the history? Marle decides to look for Crono. Is not Crono anywhere in history? Was it possible for Marle to save Crono at some moment? And everyone has to work together. Marle, Lucca, Robo, Frog, Ayla, and The Three Gurus. Right now, Marle should be able to hear everything by The Three Gurus.

 Melchior is in the Medina Village of 1000 A.D.. Gaspar is in The Keeper's Dome of 2300 A.D.. Belthasar is unknown. However, we must also talk to the elderly who is at the end of time. Anyway, we must borrow the hands of all kinds of people.

12000 B.C. Last Village Commons

 People in Last Village says that there is someone in North Cape. According to the sightings, when Marle visits North Cape, she can meet Magus. Magus was a boy who used to be called Janus. After being transferred to 600 A.D., Janus helped Schala and lived to revenge on Lavos. But Janus could never help Schala twice.

 Magus is cruel. He says that Crono is weak that he died. It was only to say that he lived to Lavos to take revenge. But neither Marle nor Frog can forgive the words of Magus. It is not because Crono fought for revenge. In particular, Frog is angry with Magus. It is because Magus killed too much irrelevant people. Here, Frog must select one from several options.

Should Frog kill Magus?

  1. Frog can forgive Magus without fighting. Now Frog knows the reason why Magus pursued power. Because Queen Zeal was pursuing power as mad, considering that Schala and many people were involved and ruined, it is not absolute evil. In addition, Magus could not choose the means. Therefore, it can not be said that Magus is not necessarily forgiven. If Frog forgives Magus, the interest of Frog coincides with that of Magus.
  2. If Frog is not in the team, three team members can fight Magus. Magus has prepared everything and has lived so far. Therefore, Magus will accept fate and fight. If you win the battle Magus will die.
  3. If Frog is in the team, Frog can fight one to one with Magus. Now Magus admits the Frog's ability and will fight according to fate. If Frog win the battle magus will die.

 In any case, Magus will advise after the battle. According to Magus, if the Guru of Time, Belthasar may know how to revive Crono. If you kill Magus, you can get Schala's Amulet.