The Hero Appears

 Crono knows that "in 1999 A.D., Lavos appears from the ground and destroys the world." If so, "Lavos" should have been in this world from the past. Of course, Lavos is also in 1000 A.D. Chrono is alive.

 "Magus" is the most doubtful person in history. It is said that "Magus" is calling Lavos in the Middle Ages of 600 A.D. If that is correct, if Crono defeats the demon king, he may be able to stop Lavos. Crono has been to 600 A.D. After that, how did the battle between Kingdom of Guardia and monsters go?

600 A.D. Truce Village

 Crono jumps into the gate of "600 A.D. Truce Canyon". In the Kingdom of Guardia who has reached, the kingdom continues the war against monsters. War has been going on for a long time. Besides, the kingdom was inferior. People are feeling monsters as a threat. However, finally a "hero" appeared.

600 A.D. Zenan Bridge

 The Kingdom of Guardia governs the northern half of the continent of Zenan. (The Kingdom also reigns the South continent to 1000 A.D.) Therefore, the kingdom was invaded by monsters from the south. Apparently there seems to be a path of monsters on the South Continent.

 Kingdom troops are defending "Zenan Bridge" connecting the continents of the north and south. However, as a result of a long defensive battle, kingdoms troubled by lack of supply. In the history, the kingdom should win ... For the moment, Crono goes to Guardia Castle to ask for supplies.

600 A.D. Guardia Castle

 Crono asks the chef of the castle of Gardia to supply food. However, the chef seems to dislike the defense captain. Crono will be denied hastily. However, when Crono gets disappointed and leaves the castle, the chef hands over food (Jerky) to Crono. The chef is also worried about the defense captain.

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Is history correct?

 At this point the player will notice that the history known by Crono is significantly different from the historical scene encountered. As of 1000 A.D., monsters should have been defeated by humanity. Nevertheless at the time of 600 A.D., human beings are likely to be defeated by monsters. This is clearly contradictory.

 What if I had not rescued Prince Leene from Crono? In fact, Marle seemed to disappear from history. What if Crono did not help in defending the "Zenan Bridge"? Perhaps the Kingdom of Guardia was not destroyed?


 Perhaps Crono may be able to change history. But in this era there is also one person with the power to change history. That person is "Frog". Frog cooperated to help Queen Leene. He is intimate with Queen Leene, and the ability of the sword is also prominent.

600 A.D. Porre village

 Porre village in the southern continent was barely escaped from the invasion of monsters. Again Crono hears the rumor of the legendary hero. You can also hear the rumors of "Cursed Woods" in the west of village. Apparently it seems to be a rumor of Frog that Crono met once.

 Crono feels that the power of the frog is necessary. Crono does not know what kind of person the hero is, but at least Frog is powerful in this age. Crono goes to the "Cursed Woods".

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600 A.D. Cursed Woods

Mid Tonic, Shelter×2
T'pole, Gnawer, Nu

 Crono explains the struggle of Kingdom of Guardia to Frog. However, Frog is sending a seclusion life, and it seems that he is not planning to help the kingdom. In a sense, this answer was as expected by Crono.

 Despite the appearance of "legendary hero", the kingdom remains inferior. Perhaps this "legendary hero" can not change history? Rather, is not this Frog the important person who changes history? If so, you can explain why the kingdom is on the verge of defeat.

 Anyway now you will withdraw. First of all, in order for Crono to know this era it is necessary to follow "legendary hero."