Magus's Castle

600 A.D. Magus's Castle

 Historically, Magus is said to be the man who summoned Lavos. However, there are many mysteries. How did he summon Lavos? Why did he summon Lavos? What has become of Lavos summoned afterwards? However, no matter how mysterious it is, the conclusion is easy. Lavos will not be summoned if Frog falls Magus. That should solve everything.

 Besides, the Kingdom of Guardia should win the war with monsters. Otherwise, history will contradict. Of course, Frod must take the enemy of Cyrus. Therefore, the devil must absolutely fall here.

Mid Ether×4, Shelter×2, Revive, Barrier×2, Lapis, Magic Tab, Slasher, Mist Robe×2, Dark Mail, DoomFinger, Speed Belt, MagicScarf
Slash, Flea, Ozzie, Magus

Does history not change?

 Slash, Flea, and Ozzie stand hard to reach Chrono in front of Magus. As historical fact, Magus is about to summon Lavos. Chrono defeats them and challenges Magus to the fight. And at the end of the fierce battle Crono overcomes Magus.

 However, right after defeating Magus, Magus's Castle shakes violently. Magus is just awakening Lavos. Therefore, even if Crono defeats Magus, nothing changes. At this time, a new gate appears in front of Crono's eyes. Both Magus and Crono are swallowed by the gate.