The Guru on Mt. Woe

 Crono gets "Epoch" and goes back to Antiquity. However, Crono can not use the "Skyway" that he once went through. Not only the time gate, the entrance to the Kingdom of Zeal is all blocked.

 If there is a possibility, there is only "Earthbound Ones" living on the ground of the ice ages. The Earthbound Ones are people who can not use the magic that Enlightened Ones had contemptuous. On the northern coast of the South continent there is the only village Algetty in the world.

12000 B.C. The Terra Cave (Algetty)

 In the ice ages, there were only places where human beings could live on the earth. Algetty is the only village in the world in this era. Moreover, the "Earthbound Ones" in Algetty is living a poor life in a narrow cave, compared to Prehistory. Although 65 million years have passed, "Earthbound Ones" can not afford to build a civilization. In addition, the people of Algetty have golden hair. Are they descendants of Ioka Village?

 In fact, Crono is unlikely to be able to rely on "Earthbound Ones". Still, the cave of Algetty is connected to "Mudbeast Den", and eventually it leads to the "Mountain of Woe".

12000 B.C. Mudbeast Den

 After all, although the people of Algetty are cooperative, Crono can not obtain specific help from them. After all, "Earthbound Ones" does not enemy the "Enlightened Ones", so let's give up. From here, Crono will climb the Mountain of Woe to help one of The Three Gurus, Melchior, as Schala has asked.

Power Tab
Red Beast, Blue Beast, Mud Imp

12000 B.C. Mountain of Woe

Full Ether, Shelter, Lapis×2, Barrier×3, Shield×2, Lode Vest, Lode Helm, Time Hat, Magic Tab
Giga Gaia

 The Guru of Life was trapped in a prison created by magical power. When Crono defeats Giga Gaia, the guru is released. And the Guru of Life Melchior is the same person as Melchior who Crono had already met. Yes, it is a person living near Medina Village at 1000 A.D. However, he says he has never met Crono. Apparently it seems to be before to meet "Melchior".

The guru knows

 Finally, all the facts that have happened so far are about to connect. The Three Gurus are interfering with "time" in each. In other words, did Melchior know from Crono when he met at the Millennial Festival? Did it make sense to say that Melchior wanted to sell Marle's pendant? Was it inevitable that Gaspar created a time machine in the future? So, what about the Belthasar?

 In the beginning, humanity in the future (1999 A.D.) could not stop Lavos. And, apparently the Antiquity (12000 B.C.) exceeding the future could not stop Lavos. However, The Three Gurus tried to stop. At least, Crono can only cooperate with The Three Gurus to save the future. In history, there are no people who have thinned Lavos as much as The Three Gurus.

 Crono receives "Ruby Knife" from Melchior. "Ruby Knife" is said to be able to absorb magical power. Crono can not compete with the queen in magic, so it will become a trump card.

To the historical moment

 Schala and Janus visit Algetty from Kingdom of Zeal. Schala tells Crono and Melchior that Queen Zeal completed the Ocean Palace. And Schala begs Crono to stop Queen Zeal. Of course Crono nods. Crono now knew that the person who wants to change history is not only himself.

 Dalton comes after chasing Schala. Because Schala does not have it, Queen Zeal can not use the Mammon Machine. Dalton forcibly brings Schala back to the Kingdom of Zeal. Now, let's chase! As Schala opens "Skyway", Crono can go again to the Kingdom of Zeal.