The Millennial Fair

 The story begins with the hero "Crono" waking up. Crono lives with his mother, in the town called "Truce". This "Truce" was a big town in the realm of "Guardia". This "Guardia" celebrated the year 1,000 years of foundation in this year. For that reason, in the "Truce" a 1,000th anniversary festival was about to be held celebrating the foundation of 1,000 years. And it was that day that Crono woke up, this Millennial Festival will be held.

A.D.1000: Crono's home

 Immediately after the opening, Crono is in his bedroom. I hear the sound of the bell. The sound of this bell is ringing to inform residents of the town of the beginning of the Millennial Festival. Of course, Crono also wants to participate in this Millennial Festival. Also, in addition to Crono, acquaintances of Crono are also about to participate in this Millennial Festival. One of them also had Crono's childhood friend. She is named "Lucca".

 Crono had made a promise with the childhood friend Lucca on the day of the Millennial Festival. Crono's mother also knows that Crono will go to play at the Millennial Festival. Therefore, when Crono talks to his mother, he hands 200G as pocket money.

A.D.1000: Truce

 Crono can look around the town of "Truce". Since there is a mayor in this Truce, let's visit the town mayor's house. There you can check the tutorial for the player to enjoy this story.

 At the town mayor's house you can get Tonic and 100G×2. In addition, you can get 300G from the town mayor.

A.D.1000: The Millennial Fair

 After seeing the town once, Crono goes to the square where the Millennial Festival is held. Here you can purchase accessories and items at shops, talk with participants at the Millennial Festival, enjoy the thousands of yearly festival, and get 'Silver Point'. However, the most important thing here is to meet "Marle".

How to get Silver Point

with Marle

 While Crono is walking around the square, he arrives at the "Leene's Bell" in the back of the square. There, a blond girl "Marle" is walking about looking for something. When Crono attempts to pass the "Leene's Bell", Crono hits Marle.

 As soon as Crono hits Marle, Marle's pendant will be played off by that impact. Marle is in a panic. That pendant was very important. The pendant has fallen just to the upper left of Crono. Crono picks up the pendant and returns it to Marle.

 Marle seems to be coming to see the Millennial Festival from somewhere. Besides, Marle seems to be here alone. However, Marle was uneasy about walking around the square. Asked by Marle, Crono walks around the plaza with Marle. When walking around, Crono knows that Marle is a very emotional and cute girl. However, Crono did not know that there was such a girl in the town of Truce. Crono thinks "Where does Marle come from?"

Lucca's experiment

 Eventually, when Crono and Marle speak to a woman sitting in front of the fountain in the square, she tells us that "Lucca" has finished preparing for the experiment. So, when I go to the back of "Leene's Bell", Lucca is starting the experiment. That experiment was to transfer people using the device Lucca invented.

 Crono is told to make Lucca a laboratory base. Because Crono was a childhood friend of Lucca, he was always being drawn to Lucca's experiments in this way. However, when Crono reluctantly rides one of Lucca's devices, Crono is surprisingly transferred to another device. The experiment was successful.

 Looking at the transferred Crono, Marle is delighted. Marle tells you that you want to experience Lucca invented equipment just like Crono. Lucca is surprised that Crono has a girlfriend, but also puts Marle on the device.

 However, an incident will occur at this time. When Marle's device started up, Lucca and Crono immediately noticed an accident. As the pendant Marle wears glows, the equipment of Lucca began to run away. At the next moment, Marle vanished from the device and never appeared on another device. Marle has vanished.

 Crono finds pendant left after Marle disappears. Apparently this pendant seems to be the cause. When Crono picks up the pendant, he gets on Lucca's equipment just like Marle. Lucca also agrees with Crono's actions. Chase the vanished marle! And this was the beginning of everything.