Tata and the Frog

600 A.D. Denadoro Mountains

 Now Frog does not move, what Crono should do is to meet the legendary hero. Perhaps "legendary hero" may also have the power to change history. Crono visits Denatro Mountains in the northern part of southern Senaan continent according to gossip.

 "The legendary hero" was a boy named Tata. Tata was a very ordinary boy living in Porre Village, but now it is said to be a "legendary hero". However, Tata only escapes from monsters, it is unlikely to endure a fight very much. In this case, Frog who is an outstanding swordsman seems to be suitable for hero.

 Nonetheless, Crono decides to climb the mountain and look for the Holy Sword "Masamune". Whatever its appearance, a true "legendary hero" should have a holy sword.

Mid Tonic×2, Ether, Mid Ether×3, Revive×2, Mirage Hand, Gold Helm, SilverStud, SilverErng, Gold Suit, 1700G, Magic Tab, Speed Tab
Ogan, Bellbird, Free Lancer
Masa, Mune

 When Chrono defeats Masa and Mune, they show the truth. It is a sword of sword "Masamune". But now the sword was a Broken Sword. Why has the sword broken? And can we repair this sword?

600 A.D. Tata's House

 Crono acquired the holy sword Masamune. So who is the owner of this sword? First of all, Crono visits Tata's House in Porre Village. Tata was running away from the monster at Denatro Mountain, but there is a possibility that he will be chosen as the owner of Masamune.

 In conclusion, Tata is not a "legendary hero". Tata coincidently got a Hero Medal by chance. Tata has already been disciplined. Even if he was called a brave hero, there was nothing good for Tata. Crono receives Hero Medal from the Tata.

What has it solved?

 Crono revealed that Tata was not a legendary hero. But has something gotten better by that? No, it is rather getting worse. Crono has found out the lie of Tata and approached the truth, but nothing solved.

 As usual, the war between the Kingdom of Guardia and the monsters continues. And if there are no heros, the kingdom is unlikely to win this war. This time Crono must search for "the legendary hero". However, among the people related to the kingdom, there are limited people who are likely to become "legendary hero." After all, is not there only Frog?

600 A.D. Cursed Woods

 Frog remained indifferent as ever. That state is strange. And in the history someone will lead the kingdom to victory, but nobody is going to move. Especially frogs do not do anything despite being kingly related. There is something wrong.

 Frog makes an excuse that there is no sword to fight. However, Masamune responded at that time. There is a Broken Hilt in the frog's belongings! Frog is not candidates for legendary hero. Frog have already been chosen as legendary hero in the past.