Black Gemstone


 In from "The Magic Kingdom" to "Lavos Beckons", at any time, if while to go to 12000 B.C. Kajar. Therefore, it is impossible and kingdom of Zeal since "The New King" will not go to Kajar and destruction.


 Marle, Lucca, Magus will be able to use the triple tech "Dark Eternal". However, it is meaningless if Magus does not join the party.

★★☆☆☆(Easy. However, as soon as possible.)
★★★★☆(Rare items can be obtained.)
12000 B.C. Kajar

How to get

 Open the book of wind, water, fire, and earth and enter the hidden room according to the words of Nuu in Kajar. Then, it is possible to examining the "Poyozo Doll" in the hidden room to get the "Black Gemstone".