The Magic Kingdom

 Crono reaches another era. The reason why Crono noticed the new era is that the era is colder than any era ever. Therefore, Crono soon realizes that era is "Antiquity". Also, Robo declares 12000 B.C. by dating machine. However, neither Crono, Lucca nor Robo knows what era this age is. Perhaps the only thing to know is that most of the Reptites were destroyed. Well then, what has become of humanity?

12000 B.C. Enhasa

 Surprisingly, civilization flourished at 12000 B.C.. Besides, the civilization of 12000 B.C. is more advanced than the civilization of 1000 A.D.. How, mankind has already migrated from the ground to the sky. Between 65 million years since the Ayla's era, humanity has advanced to such a level.

 However, everyone does not know such a civilization. Did something change as Crono changed history? No, probably nothing has changed. In this era there was a supercultural civilization that will not leave any remains in the future.

Magic Tab, Speed Tab


 During 65 million years, human beings have been using magic. Perhaps humanity could not live without magic by ice age. A city of Enhasa. Citizens of Enhasa have silver hair. Is it descendants of people of the prehistoric Laruba Village?

Princess and Prince

 Magical cities are part of Kingdom of Zeal. The Kingdom of Zeal was governed by Queen Zeal and was extremely prosperous. People who can use magic are promised eternal prosperity. On the contrary, people who can not use magic are called "Earthbound Ones" and are distinguished from "Enlightened Ones". And the "Earthbound Ones" were left out of prosperity. For the people of the Kingdom of Zeal, magic was all the standard of value.

 Most people in the Kingdom of Zeal do not descend to the ground. "Enlightened Ones" never met the "Earthbound Ones" that remained on the earth. Among the Kingdom of the Zeal, there are people who have a sense of crisis in a civilization that is a few but dependent on magic. Schala, despite being the principal of the Kingdom of Zeal, descends to the ground and sometimes touches the "Earthbound Ones". This is a rare idea as "Enlightened Ones". Because of that kindness, Schala is gaining popularity from citizens.

 And Janus can not use magic while being the prince of Kingdom of Zeal. Also, Janus does not open minds to other people than Schala. For that reason, Jake is unpopular with citizens.

 Crono meets Schala and Janus in this Enhasa. Schala seems to have noticed that Crono is different from a person of this age in a moment. On the other hand, Janus states that "black wind howls".

12000 B.C. Kajar

 Kajar is a magical city larger than Enhasa. Kajar scientists are manufacturing "capsules" that Crono has acquired so far. "Blackbird" is anchored in the Sky Bridge near Kajar. However, Crono can not see the interior of "Blackbird".

12000 B.C. Zeal Palace

 Crono can go to Zeal Palace from Kajar as he climbs up the mountain. The Zeal Palace is the center of the Kingdom of Zeal. Therefore, Crono can get some important information of this ancient civilization.

A shadow of glory

 According to Enlightened Ones, the Kingdom of Zeal is prospering by using the energy of Lavos. And Enlightened Ones are creating "Mammon Machine" to use the energy of Lavos. Is there any problem with dealing with Lavos energy?

 The Queen of the Kingdom Zeal is supported by most of Enlightened Ones. However, some Enlightened Ones seem to be anxious about the Queen's policy. In particular, regarding the fact that Zeal uses the energy of Lavos, The Three Gurus, Melchior - the Guru of Life, Gaspar - the Guru of Time, Belthasar - the Guru of Reason are opposed. Of The Three Gurus, Melchior manufactured Mammon Machine according to the order of the Queen, but he seems to be opposed to use. Moreover, it is said that The Three Gurus are missing these days.

 In this way, Queen Zeal seems to have a brute character recently. The change of Queen Jeal has the greatest influence on Schala. Because the Queen needs Schala magical power and a pendant in order to activate the Mammon Machine. Schala does not want to use Lavos, but he can not go against Queen Zeal who is her mother.


 Schala is called out by the queen. Janus keeps Schala down, Schala does not reverse to the Queen. When Crono follows Schala, you can see Schala using the "pendant" to open the door of the Queen's room. The pendant is similar to Marle's one. However, even if Crono raises Marle's pendant to open the Queen's room in the same way, he can not open the door.

 Crono goes Mammon Machine's room. And Crono raises the pendant of Marle and pours magical power into the pendant. After that, when Crono raises the pendant again, it can open the door of the queen's room. Dreamstone is considered valuable ore in this era. Perhaps Dreamstone was useful because it is an ore that mediates magical powers.

Queen Zeal

 In the Queen's room, Schala is ordered the Queen to activate the Mammon Machine. Schala begs to think twice, the Queen rejects it. Crono comes there. The queen already seems to know that Crono is coming from somewhere. And because Crono is also opposed to using the power of Lavos, the Queen orders Dalton to capture Crono.


 Crono will defeat the golem, but in the end it will be captured by Jeal's magical power. Schala releases Crono that can not move due to magical power. And Sarah reveals that Melchior, the Guru of Life, is caught in "Mountain of Woe". Even The Three Gurus are eliminated by Queen Jeal. Schala tries to give hope to Crono in order to stop Queen Zeal.

 But the Prophet appears there, threatening Schala. Instead of helping Crono's life, the Prophet expels Crono from the Kingdom of Zeal. The Prophet further orders Schala to seal the gate. Schala is desperate, with the hope of quitting Queen of Zeal discontinued.