Break the Seal!

65000000 B.C. Lair Ruins

 Crono was expelled from the Antiquity and came back to Prehistory. Crono can not use gates anymore. Because the gate was sealed. However, the history that the Kingdom of Zeal was using the energy of Lavos can not be left alone. In the first place, no one knows what happened in the Kingdom of Zeal.

Super ancient civilization

 For Crono, the Kingdom of Zeal is a world beyond imagination. More than anything, Enlightened Ones have the power of "magic" far exceeding the time when Crono is alive. Crono is easily robbed of ability by magic. Moreover, it is difficult to compete.

 Still, there is only one person who can compare the Antiquity. Robo. Robo has the skill and knowledge of the Future. According to Robo there is a door with the same emblem as the one used in Kingdom of Zeal in the Future. What is it?


 According to Robo's memory, the door of the dome has the same emblem as the one used in the Kingdom of Zeal. When Crono confirms Bangor Dome or Arris Dome, there is a door with the same emblem as the one used in the Kingdom of Zeal. And when Crono uses Marle's pendant, he can open that door. Knowledge on the magic of Antiquity should not remain in the future.

2300 A.D. Abandoned Sewers

 In addition, Crono aims at Abandoned Sewers in the southeast of Arris Dome. Because monsters live in Abandoned Sewers, Crono should not make noise. The Keeper's Dome is located through the Abandoned Sewers.

Rage Band, Bolt Sword, 600G
Egder, Nereid, Sir Krawlie

2300 A.D. The Keeper's Dome

 There is one Nu in The Keeper's Dome. However, even if Crono talks to Nu, Nu will not respond. Let's leave it for a while and open the door behind. There is "Epoch". When Crono is examining "Epoch", the previous Nu comes closer to Crono. And Nu starts talking. Nu is a robot made by Gaspar.

 Gaspar is one of The Three Gurus of the Zeal Kingdom who is not anyone else. Gaspar was transferred to this era by the runaway of Queen Zeal and the Mammon Machine. But in the future destroyed by Lavos, everything necessary to survive was lost. Among them, Gaspar created a time machine. However, Gaspar gradually lost his mind. Ultimately, Gaspar "slept", shifting his brain to Nu.

 Now Crono will be able to go again to Antiquity. You can change the name of "Epoch" when Crono examines the central monitor in the Keeper's Dome.