The Trial

A.D.1000 Guardia Castle

 Crono is tried in allegations of kidnapping the Princess Marl at the Court of Guardia Castle. Here the result of the trial is decided by the jury. In order to put the jury on the side, you must obediently answer the question. Also past actions will also affect the outcome of the trial.

The Trial

Positive behavior

Negative behavior

Guardia Prison

 However, whatever action Crono takes, eventually it will go to prison. In case of conviction, Crono is barely put to death. Even in the case of innocence, Crono is undecided to death. It is somewhat strange! Even though Chrono has a fault, it can not be put to death as a result of an unfair trial.

 In prison, Crono can stay still until the death penalty day. In that case, Crono is helped by Lucca. Also, Crono can be rampant in prison. Then the guards open the keys of the prison to make Crono calm. In this case, Crono can escape through the gap of the guard. In both cases, Crono will jailbreak with Lucca.

 The prison is full of monsters for some reason. The state of the minister seems to be abnormal. Moreover, innocent people are arrested just like Crono. Let's save the son of a tool shop.

Blue Shield, Decedent, Guard, Omnicrone
Ether×3, Mid Tonic×6, BronzeMail, Shelter×2, LodeSword, 1500G
Dragon Tank

A.D.1000 Guardia Forest

 Crono, Lucca, and Marle leave the castle and run through the forest. But eventually Crono is driven to the ministers and soldiers deep into the forest. However, at that time, "gate" appears in front of Crono. There is no choice in Crono, run into a "gate" leading to somewhere!