Beyond the Ruins

A.D.2300 Bangor Dome

 The place where Crono came through "gate" seemed to be in a somewhere wide building. Even Lucca was a place that could only be described as a "distant future". When Crono went outside from the building, a storm was blowing outside. There are no plants. The ocean is stagnant. There is no figure of a person. However, Crono sees ruins in the storm.

A.D.2300 Trann Dome

 Crono walked north through a violent storm. Crono thinks that "In a ruined world like this, can humans live?" Then Crono will discover "Trann Dome" north of "Bangor Dome". In that "Trann Dome", Chrono first meets humans in this world.

 People were hungry in the ruins. People have abandonned their hopes long ago because not enough food is available. However, people say that "There is a place where there is food if it goes beyond the ruins."

A.D.2300 Lab 16

Meat Eater, Octopod, Mutant, Shadow, Crater
Lode Sword, Lode Bow, Berserker, Ether

A.D.2300 Arris Dome

 Crono passed through "Lab 16" and reached "Arris Dome". People at Arris Dome are surprised at Crono that they have crossed the ruins. Among those people, an old man spoke to Crono.

 The old man calls him Doan. It is said that Doan is the descendant of the person who once was the manager of this Arris Dome. According to him, there is a food cabin in the basement of this Arris Dome.

 First, Crono goes up the stairs on the left side, goes through the second floor and aims at the food storehouse. Then, on the way to the food storehouse, Crono has to fight against the runaway "Guardian" and "Bit". Because the interior of the dome has not been managed for a long time, robots are running away.

 There is a food store in the back of the dome. However, there was no food left to eat in the food cabinet. Due to the power supply being broken, all the food was bad. And the man who finally reached the food cabin had already taken his breath. However, Crono notes that the man is clasping a grain seed.

Bugger, Rat, Proto 2, Bug
Mid Ether
Guardian, Bits

 When Crono leaves the food store, the mouse type robot is operating. Mouse-type robots move quickly, so you have to run through the shortest path and chase. When Crono catches the mouse type robot, he can hear a password from a mouse type robot. That password is for you to enter into the machine near Chrono's first stairway. (It is the floor immediately following the living space of Arris Dome.)

 Crono walks a new passageway and eventually reaches the back room. There was a huge computer there. As the old man said, was this used by Arris Dome's head of administration? Apparently Lucca seems to know how to use it. The computer seems to have the ability to explore this world information.

 Here, Crono can know that a new "gate" is in the east "Proto Dome". With this, Chrono finally got the information to return to A.D. 1000 from this ruined world. Now, let's hurry to the gate of the Proto Dome!

 But then the computer projected a single image on the display. The data is named the file name "A.D.1999 Lavos Day". There is green! It seems that the original form of this world is being projected. Immediately afterwards, the figure of a huge creature was displayed in the display. It suddenly appeared on the ground and began to destroy the world.

 Crono knows that this ruin is the "future" of the world in which he lives. Both Marle and Lucca are shocked. In the distant future, the world will catapult.

Only one hope

 When Crono returns to Arris Dome's residential area, people ask Crono how the food storeroom is. But Crono swings his head. There was no food in the food cabinet. People are discouraged. However, a grain of seed remains. That brave man had. Marle insists to bring that species up to people. There is hope.

 The actions of Crono, Marle, and Lucca move people's mind. Especially Doan holds hope. And Doan hands out the bike key that he was riding when he was young. The east "Proto Dome" is so far that it should be used. Crono receives it.