The Village of Magic

 Crono wanted to change the future. Marle wants to change the future that collapses purely, and Lucca would like to show Robo a bright future if possible. Robo wants to help Crono. However, there are still many things that Crono does not know to change the future.

A.D.1000 Medina Village

 Crono finally returns to A.D.1000. However, the place where Crono arrived was not the Kingdom of Guardia. The gate was connected to "The Village of Magic". The monsters are surprised by the man who appeared suddenly.

 Monsters hate humans. Because monsters lost the war with human beings 400 years ago. Speaking of 400 years ago, Crono has been there once. In other words, it is a battle between the Kingdom of Guardia and monsters.

Monsters who were defeated by the war lived quietly and hidden in this "Medina Village". And the monster built and worshiped the statue of the former leader "Magus".


 Inns and utensils in the village only trade with humans at exorbitant prices. Even after 400 years of war, monsters seem to be hostile to humans. However, there are friendly but few friendly monsters. Crono hears from them that an old man named "Melchior" lives near the village. Melchior! It is an old man who came to the millennium festival of Truce. Perhaps Melchior may know how to go to Truce.

Speed Tab, Magic Tab

A.D.1000 Melchior's Cabin

 Bosch is an old weapon worker who also participated in the Millennial Festival. It is taught that Crono can return to Truce if passing through "The Heckran Cave" from Melchior. In addition, Chrono can also buy the weapons that Melchior made.

A.D.1000 The Heckran Cave

Ether×2, Mid Ether, MagicScarf
Rolypoly, Hench, Jinn Bottle, Octoblush, Tempurite, Cave Bat