The Factory Ruins

A.D.2300 Lab 32

 Crono who got information on the new gate aims at the east Proto Dome. First of all, Crono gets the motorcycle that Doan used when he was young and runs the ruined highway. However, there is also a robot that runaway in "Lab 32". Some robots who have runaway seem to have something close to humans. "Johnny" in the highway is a robot who likes racing. Johnny says to Crono to race a motorcycle.

 Here, Crono can declare Johnny's challenge and walk a highway. However, walking is not recommended as it is far from the Proto Dome. There are numerous mutants on the way.

A.D.2300 Proto Dome

 Crono passed through the highway and finally reached the Proto Dome. There should be a new gate here. There was no one in the Proto Dome. Here, Crono finds a robot that has failed within the Proto Dome. Lucca is interested and says "It is likely to be repaired". Lucca is a machine genius.

 While Lucca is repairing the robot, Marle looks inside the Proto Dome. However, the power supply seems to be broken. There is no gate. Apparently, the gate seems to be behind the closed door. Crono seems to be unable to reach the gate unless it passes power in some way.



 The repair of the robot by Lucca is over. Then the robot woke up. Thanks to the repair of Lucca, this robot seems to have a gentle personality. The robot was named "Robo" instead of model number by Lucca. "Robo" thanks Lucca and offered to help her.

 Robo said that there were many human beings and robots originally in this Proto Dome. However, there seems to be no one now. According to Robo, it is necessary to go to a factory nearby to recover power. And someone should open the door as soon as power returns. Therefore, either Marle or Lucca must remain in the Proto Dome.

A.D.2300 The Factory

Acid, Alkaline, Debugger, Proto 3, Bug
Mid Tonic, Ether, Mid Ether, Shelter×2, Robin Bow, Bolt Sword, Hammer Arm, Plasma Gun, Titan Vest

 Thanks to Robo, Crono was able to enter The Factory. In The Factory there are Robo brothers. Unlike Robo, Robo's brothers are programmed to runaway and attack humans. And, Robo trying to protect humans also attacks. Crono has to fight Robo's brother - R-series.

 Robo is destroyed by the R-series. But Lucca seems to be able to repair it again. Robo again thanks Lucca. Lucca, on the other hand, questions Robo. "What does Robo want to do after the repair is over?" Robo says he does not know what he wants to do. That's why he wants to help Lucca.

 When the power supply recovered, the door to the back room opened. Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Robo finally found the gate. Let's escape from this terrible future! However, Crono wants to change this future.