Lavos Beckons

12000 B.C. The Ocean Palace

Elixir, Star Sword, Rune Blade, Kaiser Arm, SonicArrow, Shock Wave, Aeon Helm, Aeon Suit Magic Tab
Red Scout, Blue Scout, Scouter, Mage, Barghest, Jinn, Thrasher, Lasher
Golem Twins

The reason

 Why did Queen Zeal go crazy? The reason is not clarified. However, Queen Zeal became crazy after starting to use Lavos Energy. Obviously, there seems to be something in Lavos that drives human minds crazy.

 It is neither correct nor wrong that the people of the Kingdom of Zeal used Lavos as an energy source. However, even with the powerful magic of the Kingdom of Zeal and advanced civilization, it was insufficient to use Lavos as an energy source. Lavos has already become an uncontrollable for mankind. Crono knows that Lavos came from outer space 65 million years ago. In other words, at least Lavos is said to live 65 million years.

 Nevertheless, if the Kingdom of Zeal had developed as it is, it may have been able to control Lavos by magic. But that was not the case.

Inevitability of history

 Queen Zeal orders Schala to activate the Mammon Machine. At that moment, Crono arrived. Shake the "Ruby Knife" received from Antiquity towards the machine. Masa and Mune dwell in "Ruby Knife". Masa and Mune try to suppress Lavos energy. However, in this age Lavos' energy has already become powerful.

 "Ruby Knife" absorbed magical power and turned into Masamune. Masamune was born at this moment! But Lavos' energy does not stop. Lavos was only asleep when the Kingdom of Zeal absorbed a small amount of energy so far. However, at this time Lavos woke up because it absorbed energy by the Mammon Machine.


 Crono fights against Lavos, but Lavos is overwhelmingly overwhelmed. Furthermore, the Prophet manifests itself as a true figure. It's Magus! Magus fights to stop Lavos, but he can not win again. Schala is the same.

 Queen Zeal touched and praised Lavos' overwhelming power. And when you think of her daughter Schala as an obstacle, she tries to kill her. Crono tries to protect Schala. Once Schala dies, no one can stop Lavos. Queen Zeal and Lavos give off magical power towards Crono. Then Crono is wrapped in light and disappears with Marle's pendant. It was a blow. Crono has died.


 The Enlightened Ones intended to control the energy of Lavos. However, they were only using Lavos who was asleep, they could not control Lavos awakened. Now that Crono loses his life Marle can only cry. Lucca does not believe the reality either. Robo is also confused. Frog has made a mistake again. Ayla is beaten by the power of Lavos.

 Marle survived. But the situation is hopeless. Now that Crono is gone, nobody can act to stop Lavos. Schala survived. However, Schala's heart is on the verge of collapse due to despair. Schala was desperate because of involving too many people. Schala makes everyone other than herself to be transferred to the ground by magical power. And Schala remained in the Ocean Palace.

The end

 Lavos wakes up and tries to destroy the world. When Lavos released magical power towards the whole world, the continent of the Kingdom of Zeal was destroyed in a blink of an eye. Enhasa, Kajar, Zeal Palace are destroyed, the continent crashes to the sea. The prosperous Kingdom of Zeal has no trace. And a huge tsunami caused by the crashing continent hit the land.

 The Kingdom of Zeal has gone away from history. However, Lavos at this time did not completely wake up. Lavos has fallen asleep again.

12000 B.C. Last Village

 The human race survived. "Earthbound Ones" who lived in the cave escaped the tsunami, and a few "Enlightened Ones" survived the catastrophe. There is no distinction between "Earthbound Ones" and "Enlightened Ones". However, even under such circumstances, Dalton will try to name the king. Dalton survived using the "Blackbird."

 In addition, adding Ayla on behalf of Crono will make it easier for the next chapter to act.