The Masamune!

1000 A.D. Melchior's Cabin

 Crono who got the drystone returns to 1000 A.D. using the gate key. Let's go to 1000 A.D. Medina Village via the end of time from 65000000 B.C. Mystic Mountains. When Crono has a dreamstone and goes to see Melchior, Melchior will repair the Masamune. And finally Masamune is available. But Melchior asks. How did Crono get the ore lost in the past?

 Masamune regained its former appearance. However, Crono can not handle Masamune. Masamune will choose the owner. Crono returns to Truce and departs from the gate of the Millennial Festival to 600 A.D.

600 A.D. Cursed Woods

 Crono visits Frog's House with Masamune. Frog has astray. There is a painful past in the frog when the former was converted into a frog by Magus.

 There used to be young mans in the Kingdom of Guardia Cyrus and Glenn. Cyrus was a brave swordsman, while Glenn was just a weak boy. Eventually Cyrus became a swordsman of the kingdom and decided to fight Magus. Meanwhile, Glenn was a man who refuses to be allowed to belong to the kingdom from Cyrus.

 However, Cyrus had a glance at Glenn. Whether sword talent or spirit, Glenn was thought to be better than Cyrus. Cyrus persuaded Glenn and went to the fight with Magus. When leaving the kingdom, Glenn is particularly told by Queen Leene. Glenn's ability was not unknown to anyone by any means.

 Overcoming a number of battles, Cyrus and Glenn challenged the demonic battle to Magus. However, Magus was powerful. Cyrus had the Masamune, but he could not make it to Magus. Cyrus lost to Magus. Glenn could not do anything, only one survived. Glenn was turned into a frog by Magus and later regretted that he could not help Cyrus.

 Nevertheless, "Masamune" and "Hero Medal" chose Glenn. "Legendary hero" was Glenn, not Cyrus. And now Glenn; Frog swears to defeat Magus.

600 A.D. Magic Cave

 Crono, along with Frog, goes to the "Magic Cave" east of Denadoro Mountains. Monsters are attacking the Kingdom of Guardia from this Magic Cave. Frog use the power of Masamune to pierce Magic Cave.