A Vanished Princess

 Marle vanished in front of Crono. Crono, who could not do anything, leaves the room. Then Crono encounters Lucca here. Lucca also chased after Crono and Marle. So Lucca explains the amazing facts to Crono.

 Marle is the princess of Kingdom of Guardia. In other words, it is the king's daughter of the kingdom where Chrono and Lucca live. Besides that, it also corresponds to the distant descendants of Queen Leene.

 Queen Leene remained missing for some time. Originally, real Queen Leene was supposed to be discovered by the kingdom search group. Nonetheless, due to the discovery of Marle, Queen Laine was left undiscovered. The search group of the kingdom has already been dissolved. History has changed.

 Marle is the descendant of Queen Leene. So, if you can not find Queen Leene, Marle is not born into this world. That's why Marle has disappeared. Lucca says we must look for Queen Leene to restore the strange history. If we find Queen Leene, Marle should return to original.

A.D.600 Truce

Crono and Lucca will visit the bar in order to gather clues about Queen Laine. Adventurer Toma says that the cathedral in the west of the village is doubtful.

A.D.600 Manolia Cathedral

 First, Crono and Lucca listen to the nuns. As you heard in the village, it seems strange that the state of the nuns is somewhat strange. After finishing listening to the stories of the nuns, Crono finds the royal hair ornament that is falling in front of the altar.

 Here, Crono must fight against "Naga-ette" which was turned into a nun. Furthermore, when Chrono wins the battle, Lucca is attacked by "Naga-ette" this time. At that time, the warrior "Frog" rushed to me by chance. "Frog" was also looking for Queen Leene.

Diablos, Gnasher, Hench, Mad Bat, Naga-ette
Tonic×3, Ether×2, Mid Ether, Revive, Heal, Shelter, SteelSaber, Iron Sword, MaidenSuit, Defender, Speed Belt, Power Tab

 Crono, Lucca, and Frog combined the power and defeated the Yakura, the three were able to rescue Queen Leene and the Minister. Here Crono and Lucca will separate From who achieved the purpose. Frog seems to be close friends with Queen Laine. After that, returning to the room of Queen Leene of Gardia Castle, Marle returns to the original. Finally, if you return to Truce Canyon, Lucca will return to A.D. 1000.