What Lies Beyond?

12000 B.C. Skyway

 So far, Crono knows somewhat the end of the Kingdom of Zeal. Crono is now the second history. In the first history, Schala and The Three Gurus tried to stop Queen Jeal. But in the long run they could not be stopped. Melchior reached 1000 A.D. and Gaspar to 2300 A.D., respectively, trying to interfere with history. Belthasar is unknwon. However, in any case, Crono may be able to stop Queen Zeal as the wishes of them.

 It is surely that the Kingdom of Zeal will soon be destroyed. At least Crono did not know the Kingdom of Zeal. At some point in the past, the Kingdom of Zeal disappears. So how does the Kingdom of Zeal fade away? Historically, there is only one presence with the power to extinguish the most advanced civilization. It is Lavos.

12000 B.C. Zeal Palace

 In the Kingdom of Zeal, Queen Zeal is quite satisfied with the expectation that she completed the Ocean Palace. Lavos energy which has been partially used so far is used more effectively. Of course, people can benefit from further magic and energy. And people can become immortal and it is not impossible to get "Eternal Time". Now Enlightened Ones has reached the peak of prosperity.

 Crono goes to the queen's room to enter the Ocean Palace. Then, Dalton is defending the gate to the Ocean Palace. Dalton seems to be dissatisfied with not being able to go to the Ocean Palace, but trying to drive away Crono.


 When Crono wins Dalton, Dalton escapes to the Ocean Palace. Dalton wants to get Lavos Energy, so he is not planning to keep Queen Zeal's order by betting my life. Crono can also go to the Ocean Palace.