Unnatural Selection?

65000000 B.C. Tyranno Lair

 Let's get off the stairs to the right of Tyran Castle and get off at the basement floor. Kino is confined in the prison at the basement floor. Then Ayla invades the prison, and breaks the door of the prison and rescues Kino. As a rescued reply, Kino makes it possible for Crono and Ayla to pass through the stairs going up from the first floor to the second floor. Kino is also trying to cooperate with Crono and Ayla.

Tab, Mid Ether×2, Ful Tab, Ful Ether, Revive, Meso Mail, CeraTopper
Nizbel II, Azala, Black Tyrano

Survival competition

 The reason why Ayla must fight Azara is that it can only be described as survival competition. In particular Ayla considers that she must win. Ayla will not survive unless it wins. Ayla calls this survival competition "the law of the earth". Inevitably human beings and Reptites can not coexist.

 Meanwhile, Azala believes that Ayla naturally wins. In fact, that idea is not wrong. Because at 650000000 B.C. the human community was inferior to the civilization of the Reptites. There was no possibility that human beings without civilization would win the Reptites who already has civilization.

 And Azara is thinking about the future rather than fighting humanity. Because the Reptites has reached the dead end of evolution. Can Reptites prospering in the era of warm 650000000 B.C. continue to prosper in the next era? Azara thinks it is difficult. The dinosaurs were too prosperous.

 Azala was aware that a red star is approaching this star. In addition, Azala was aware that the red star had a big impact on the ecosystem. It was obvious that the Reptites can not escape from that influence. However, the crisis is also a chance for Reptites to make further evolution. It seems that Azala has already accepted that the red star pours down.

History goes forward

 However, the victory was humanity. It was inevitable in history. As Crono knows, the human race is prospering even in the 1000 A.D. era. That is why humanity should have triumphantly won.

 Azala also understands it. The "law of the earth" chose the human race rather than the dominant Reptites. Perhaps the Reptites continued prosperity without Crono? No, probably the Reptites were replaced by humanity with high probability. Azala accepts the ending. Ayla tried to help Azala, but Azala knew its meaninglessness.

 A red star becomes a meteorite and crashes into Tyranno Lair. Crono and Ayla ride the Dactyl and escape from Tyranno Lair. Red star involved numerous Reptites and disappearing Tyranno Lair. Ayla calls this star "Big = vos" "Fire = la", that is, Lavos. Lavos came from space in this era.

Unnatural Selection?

 In the Japanese version, it is entitled "the law of the earth", but in the English version it is translated as "unnatural selection". In these titles, it is likely that the superior one loses and the inferior one wins. But as history shows, "There is a decline after prosperity."

65000000 B.C. Lair Ruins

 Tyranno Lair disappeared from history. Perhaps the Reptites was not destroyed, but it certainly faded. Most of all, the climate of the Earth began to change. The ice age is about to come. Reptites will never be able to prosper again.

 Crono visits Lair Ruins and finds new gates there.