Forward to the Past

65000000 B.C. Ioka Village

 Crono was traveling to change history. It happened by chance by Marle's pendant, because Crono was able to cross the spacetime. And, knowing that Lavos will destroy the world, Crono knew at the Proto Dome of 2300 A.D.. Furthermore, in the Medina Village of 1000 A.D., Crono was able to learn that Magus summoned Lavos. So, if Crono were to kill Magus, everything would have been settled.

 But in fact it did not solve anything. In the first place, the history Crono knew was incorrect. Crono still has too many things unknown.

 Certainly, Crono had a great influence on several historical events. Especially at 600 A.D., if there were no Crono the kingdom would have lost to monsters. But in any case Magus wakes up Lavos. At that time Lavos went to sleep again, but in the end it wakes up to 1999 A.D. In other words, Crono was changed only as to whether mankind or monsters would win.

History does not change

 The place where Crono woke up was Ioka Village of 65000000 B.C.. Ayla is pleased with the reunion with Crono. Ayla seems to contend with the Reptites as ever. The Reptites were said to have attacked the north of Laruba Village. Crono follows Ayla who rushes to Laruba Village.

 Reptites are superior to humanity. No matter how much Ayla is powerful, she is not very enemy to Azara's intelligence. Azala sees that Crono is clearly different from Ayla. But humanity should win the dinosaur. Otherwise, history will contradict. Yet again……

65000000 B.C. Laruba Ruins

 Laruba village was burned down by Reptites. The villagers were saved, but the difference in power with Reptites is clear. Mankind can not win against Reptites. The elder of Laruba Village rebels against Ayla fighting the Reptites. But Ayla does not accept it. Only one who won either can survive. It is said that it is "Rule of life (Japanese Version: Law of the Earth)".

 However, Ayla's words also resonated with the elders' hearts. Ayla is allowed to borrow "Dactyl" from the elder Dactyl Nest north of the village. Elder also understand the meaning of losing to Reptites.

Changing the name of characters

 Furthermore, as time passes, the residents of Laruba village migrate to Ioka Village. Instead, a single Nu will live and change the name of characters when talking to Nu.

65000000 B.C. Dactyl Nest

Mid Tonic, Mid Ether, Meso Mail
Avian Rex, Cave Ape, Shist