The End of Time

∞ The End of Time

 Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Robo jumped into the new gate of Proto Dome. Where will we go beyond the spacetime? The destination is unknown. In addition, Crono noticed that the state of the gate is not normal. It is unstable.

 And Crono reaches a place I have never seen before. This time it is not ruins. It looks like a room. However, there is no wall in the room, and the darkness is spreading where the wall should be.

 There is an old man in there. When Crono talks to this old man, the old man explains this place as "the end of time". The old man explains that Crono arrived at the "last minute of the time" because four people passed through the gate. Four people are too many to cross the spacetime.

 However, if someone remains at the "end of time", Crono seems to be able to pass through the gate. Besides, Chrono can go from this "the end of time" to various times. Of course, Chrono selects their time - A.D.1000.


 On the upper right of the room where the old man lives, there is the god of the fight "Spekkio." Specchio likes Chrono and teaches "magic".

 "Magic" was the power that was lost long before the time of Chono. Specchio says that Crono, Marle, and Lucca have a strong heart to use "magic". Why was "magic" lost? Anyway, Crono returns to our time with the power of "magic" learned from Spekkio!