The Rare Red Rock

 The legendary hero is definitely Frog. Frog meets all the conditions. However, the problem remains. First, Masamune is broken. It is also divided into two pieces: Broken Sword and Broken Hilt. This will not be fixed unless it is a very well-skilled craftsman.

 There are no craftsmen who can repair the sword. But is it really so? Crono can cross the spacetime. If that is the case, should Crono be asked to ask Melchior in 1000 A.D.?

1000 A.D. Melchior's Cabin

 The problem is not something we can manage in 600 A.D. alone. Crono goes back to 1000 A.D. from the Truce Canyon and goes to Melchior's Cabin near Medina Village (1000 A.D.). To go to Melchior's Cabin, it is a short cut to go through "Stream" in the south of Truce.

 When Chrono went to meet Melchior with a broken sword, Melchior unexpectedly showed that he looked like nostalgia when he saw Masamune. Apparently Melchior seems to be able to fix the sword. However, material is necessary to do the repair. The necessary material is ore called Dreamstone. The trouble is that it seems to be an ore that is mined only in ancient times.

∞ The End of Time

Crono goes to the end of time through the gate at the chest of the monster's house in the Medina Village. At the end of the time there are several gates in the upper left corner of the room where the old man is. One of them has a gate leading to "65000000 B.C. Mystic Mountains".

65000000 B.C. Mystic Mountains

 Crono flew to the age of 65 million years ago looking for "Dreamstone." It is an era before humanity builds civilization yet. In this age, the Dreamstone should definitely remain. But why is the gate connected to this old age?

 The gate was connected on the cliff of the mountain (Mystic Mountains) 65 million years ago. Crono who was thrown into the air suddenly encounters a creature that he never saw before. The creatures are close to human beings, but they have dinosaur-like skin. Besides, this Reptites has been attacking me as he finds humans. Reptites are hostile to mankind.

 But at this time, Crono is helped by the ladies of this era Ayla. Ayla kicks out some of the Reptites. Crono kicked off the rest of the Reptites. Ayla greatly loves Crono's strength and invites Crono to Ioka Village. However Marle seems to be in a hurry.

Reptite, Runner, Kilwala

65000000 B.C. Ioka Village

 Apparently Ayla seems to be in the position of a chief of Ioka Village. Ayla seems to entertain Crono. Let's first go to Chief's Hut and talk to Ayla to receive the hospitality of people in Ioka Village.

 When Crono talks to Ayla, he will welcome a party immediately. Ayla likes Crono, and if Crono wins the competition compared to drinking, she said to give Doramestone to Crono. Chrono and Ayla compete to drink "Rock Crash". Ultimately, Ayla surrenders earlier and gives Dreamstone to Crono.