The Queen Returns

 Crono jumped onto the equipment of Lucca to follow Marle. After a while, Chrono reaches an unknown land. There were also existents that Crono usually did not see much. They are monsters. Crono knows that there is a place far away from where he knows.

A.D.600 Truce Canyon

Blue Imp, Roundillo
Tonic, PowerGlove

A.D.600 Truce

 Crono who came down the mountain reached a familiar village somewhere. The appearance of the houses, the view of the sea, the mountains spreading behind, and the castle towering behind the forest - Crono notices that this is "Truce". In fact, when Crono listens to the inhabitants of the village, "now" is said to be "A.D. 600" (600 years of the Kingdom of Guardia). It was 400 years ago from the time when Crono was living.

 Crono is this village and knows about this era 400 years ago. Someday, as historically heard by Crono, in this era 400 years ago, the kingdom had been fighting "Magus" and "Monster". Also in this era Leene - Queen whose name remains in the plaza bell after 400 years - is alive. Here, Crono hears strange rumors about Queen Leene.

 Queen Leene was missing a while ago. Despite the fact that the kingdom had been searching for Queen Leene by sending a search party, the search party could not find the queen for a long time. However, Queen Leene was discovered only recently. How, the queen is discovered in "Truce Canyon".

 Crono listens to this rumor and thinks "How was Marle doing when queen was found?" Perhaps it seems that the search group of the kingdom knows something. Crono thinks so, goes through the forests of Guardia and heads to Guardia castle.

A.D.600 Guardia Forest

Blue Eaglet, Green Imp, Roundillo, Roundillo Rider
Shelter, Power Tab

A.D.600 Guardia Castle

 When Crono arrives at the castle, Crono suddenly is surrounded by soldiers in the castle. In the era of war with "Magus", Chrono has been disturbed. However, Crono which is surrounded by soldiers is helped by Queen Leene.

 Queen Leene orders the soldiers to release Crono. In addition, Queen Leene says to ask Chrono to visit her room. She says so, was quite similar to Marle and beautiful.

 When Crono visited the room of Queen Leene, Queen Leene emerged its identity. Queen Leene was Marle herself. Marle is pleased that Crono follows. However, as Marle was pleased with the reunion with Chrono, Marle vanished before Crono again.

Tonic, Ether×2, BronzeMail, 100G