Chrono Trigger Walkthrough

 This website is an English translation of Chrono Trigger's strategy, consideration written by the author (Japanese) in Japanese. It should be noted that the author runs a web site about Chrono Trigger from 2003. For this reason, it has received an influence on the secondary creative activities for Chrono Trigger since 2003.

Chrono Trigger's Chronicle

 Chrono Trigger is a role-playing game for Super Nintendo released on Saturday, March 11, 1995. After that, the PlayStation version was released in 1999. At that time, the work to which the Super Nintendo version was ported to PlayStation was limited to some masterpieces. Besides, in 2002 and 2006, low-priced versions were released respectively. And on November 20, 2008, part of the story was added, and Chrono Trigger DS was released from Square Enix. Recently, since 2011, cheap versions and ported to mobile devices are on sale.

 Even now, Chrono Trigger is remembered as one of the highest peak role playing games for the generation of the Japanese Super Nintendo Entertainment. Especially, in 1995 when Chrono Trigger was released, it is regarded as the golden age of the generation of the Japanese Super Nintendo Entertainment. It is also considered one of the most outstanding works produced by a major Japanese game company, Square (later Square Enix).

 In Japan, alongside "Final Fantasy 6", "Romancing Saga 3" etc., Chrono Trigger is known as a work supporting the golden age of Square. Even now more than 20 years have passed since 1995, we can see new fan art in summer and winter Comic Market (Tokyo) and Comic City (Osaka). Also, fan events by small volunteers are held.

Production participant

Akira Toriyama

 Akira Toriyama is not only internationally known as "Dragon Ball" but also is responsible for the original picture of the chrono trigger character. In Japan, in 1995 when Chrono Trigger was released, Dragon Ball was aired on TV at 7 pm. Therefore, Akira Toriyama is quite widely known for the animation generation of those days.

Super Nintendo Edition

 In Japan, second-hand software of Super Nintendo version is circulating. However, due to the long recession in Japan, in 1995 many of the many game shops were closed and there are considerably few shops available. Also, despite the fact that more than 20 years have passed, many Japanese game fans like the software of the Super Nintendo Entertainment era. For that reason, the market price of Chrono Trigger tends to rise when compared with a certain period.
 The Super Nintendo version of Chrono Trigger has the following advantages.

 Because more than 20 years have passed since the Super Nintendo Entertainment era, Super Famicom version has become less in Japan. However, not only was Chrono Trigger ported to PlayStation but also ported to Nintendo DS and mobile devices. Therefore, Chrono Trigger is one of the most accessible software.

Playstation version

 For Chrono Trigger, a low price version corresponding to PlayStation has been released three times. Although there is a part added on the functional side, it is not remake, so it is not almost different from the Super Nintendo version. However, there are the following changes.
 In case

 Loading is slower than the Super Nintendo version. Also, the Playstation version of Chrono Trigger has a hint of sequel to Chrono Cross. Therefore, attention is required.